The Pamper Difference

At Pamper Nail Gallery, we build everything on good foundations.

Pamper Artist Jackie (@nailsby_jackiee) sculpting long skinny stilettos with Young Nails brand acrylic in Frosted Pink.

Pamper Artist Jackie (@nailsby_jackiee) sculpting long skinny stilettos with Young Nails brand acrylic in Frosted Pink.

We specialize in Sculpted Nails

We sculpt every full set here at Pamper Nail Gallery®.

No glue. No tips.

Yes, it takes a bit longer.

Yes, it costs just a little bit more (on average $10 more because all our full sets INCLUDE gel polish).


But here are the benefits:
- Sculpting ensures the enhancement fits your nails end to end.           - Sculpting leaves out the plastic tip, a manufactured curved piece of plastic that wants to revert back to flat over time. This is what causes lifting, yellowing over time.
- Sculpting doesn't use nail glue (aka super glue) on your natural nails.
- Sculpting is how we achieve our signature skinny stiletto and tapered coffin shapes you love on Instagram.

health first, beauty second.


SafeR Acrylic Products

Most nail shops, to lower the cost per service, use an FDA banned monomer liquid for acrylic nails known as MMA. Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) is used as bone cement in dentistry, and the fumes of which are too harsh for a non-lab environment. MMA is not meant for use on nails because it is harsh on soft tissue. MMA does not actually adhere well to nails, and therefore, nail shops who use MMA tend to rough up your natural nails 5x beyond an acceptable threshold. Pamper® only stocks EMA (ethyl methacrylate), a safer acrylic monomer liquid, made specifically for nails, from Young Nails Inc. (also a vegan and cruelty free product).



Pamper® goes above and beyond State Board Regulations by tripling the minimum required time for sanitizing reusable implements in a Barbicide solution. We always use a fresh pouch of tools and prepare brand new pouches customized for each service every morning. We never reuse files, buffers, pumices, gloves, or sanding bands. We believe in obsessive cleanliness to maintain a healthier environment for each new client. Every Pamper Artist is required to be Barbicide Certified upon hire. Ask your Artist about our sanitation processes.


Dust-REDUCED Workspace

Pamper® is proud to supply our stations with Valentino Beauty Pure filtration units to keep our shop dust minimized. Aside from keeping your lungs free and clear of microfine particles, our dust busting Valentino units keep our Artists and clients free from prolonged exposure to uncured product. Fresh acrylic or gel dust from shaping a new full set or fill is uncured product, and as such, can cause allergic reactions over time.