Frequently Asked Questions

What are sculpted nails?

Pamper creates nail extensions out of acrylic by sculpting each nail. We prefer this method over gluing pre-sized plastic tips to natural nails to create extensions. Sculpted nails allow us to eliminate the use of glue on the natural nail, size each nail perfectly to the width of individual nail beds, and achieve an ideal range of shapes with no undesired curvature.

We also believe sculpted nails last longer than tip nails due to the exclusion of plastic tips (which can become misshapen over time) and glue (which can lose adhesion over time).

What is the difference between “Full Set” and “Hard Gel Full Set”?

We offer hard gel full sets as an alternative to acrylic. We mostly use hard gel if we encounter clients who have known allergies to acrylic. (Acrylic allergies are most commonly developed from exposure to an FDA-banned monomer liquid known as MMA (methyl methacrylate), a substance still used in many salons.)

90% of the sets that we do are done with acrylic! It’s an extremely versatile medium and we do wonders with it!

Is acrylic bad for my nails?

Acrylic nails don’t damage your nails; improper removal of acrylic nails and improper manicuring procedures do. Helping your natural nails thrive is our number one priority.

Acrylic has gotten a bad rep over the years due in part to the predominant use of the lower cost FDA-banned monomer liquid known as MMA (methyl methacrylate). Because MMA is designed for use in dental procedures, it doesn’t adhere well to natural nail plates. Many salons damage nail plates by drilling grooves (rings of fire) in order to ensure adhesion.

Improperly removing your acrylic nails can also cause irreversible damage to your natural nails. Many salons pry off your acrylic nails versus soaking them off with acetone. As your nails are comprised of 100 layers, ripping off an acrylic nail can rip off 50+ layers at a time.

At Pamper, we help our clients protect their natural nails over time. A lot of clients come in with bitten nails, brittle nails and see improvement in their natural nail strength over the span of a few services.

How do you properly remove acrylic nails?

At Pamper, our removals usually take about 45 mins to 1 hour. Your acrylic nails are clipped down to desired natural length, filed down to about the thickness of a credit card, and soaked off with acetone. Removals of nails done at Pamper are EMA (ethyl methacrylate) based, which soak off with ease in 15-20 minutes. Removals of MMA (methyl methacrylate) based nails can take up to 1 hour longer to soak off than EMA.

How much art time should I book?

Our online booking system allows you to book our base services with up to 30 mins of art time (Classic Art). Classic Art encompasses art such as ombres, full colored acrylic sets, full glitter encapsulations, jelly nails, foils, or similar.

To best ensure enough time is booked for your service, please give us a call!